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Meet Michael Stansberry

Michael was raised in Liberty Lake, WA where he grew up playing golf at the local courses and falling in love with the game. He attended Central Valley HS where he played Football, Basketball, and Golf. Michael was able to obtain the award of being a top 6 golfer in Spokane his senior year where he was named on the All-GSL First Team. After attending Spokane Community College Michael started Club Fitting and Managing Wide World of Golf where he learned the in’s and out’s of golf clubs and golf equipment. From there he became the Regional Sales Representative for Trackman Golf. With his time at Trackman Michael learned the benefits that Trackman can provide to improve a golfers game. That is when he found his passion of teaching and coaching people on the game of Golf. 

“Being able to see all the numbers, video analysis of the swing, and options to make practice all around more fun instead of wacking golf balls on a driving range is such a great way to improve a golfer's game. I truly believe that getting inside and working on a Trackman will open peoples eyes to different parts of the game, and help them improve.” 

Michael will be joining the PGA program this Spring where he will work towards becoming a PGA Professional. If you would like to schedule a lesson or club fitting with Michael give Swing Lounge a call at 509-863-9105 or Click here to schedule a lesson!

Meet Isaac Hall

Isaac was born and raised on a wheat farm west of Spokane and grew up hunting, fishing, and bucking bails. It wasn’t until high school that he got hit with the golf bug. So much so that he would skip class to be the first person on the golf course. Isaac's ventures in golf have taken him through college and into professional golf where he played on the PGA Tour Canada, as well as mini tour events all across the country. Through his travels, he learned a new golf trade of building clubs and fitting clubs. Building clubs and being a “gear head” is a unique skill that he has.  Knowing how much a fitting can help minimize major misses in any golf swing is key, because nobody puts a good swing on every ball.

The feeling of a compressed golf shot hit Isaac's heart and soul, and the sensation for him never goes away or lessens. He feels that there is no better feeling in the world. Through his ventures in college and on the pro golf circuits, he has organized a few common denominators that effectively compress a golf ball. He says, at the end of the day, he is just like all of us, a golf nut who can’t stop thinking about that last good shot. 

Today, you can find this PGA Associate Golf Professional either at Indian Canyon Golf Course or here at the Swing Lounge. Lessons are $60 which includes your bay time.  Click here to schedule a lesson or call us today at 509-863-9105 and set up a session!